About US


NordströmMatte is a full service public relations firm specializing in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment and consumer brand industries on an international level.

NordströmMatte handles people, products, services and everything in between.

Founded by Anya Nordström and Dani Matte, the two believe in non-traditional and creative methods of outreach allowing clients to advance and succeed in their target market. With extensive backgrounds in different parts of the industry, the combination of Nordström and Matte’s specialties are complimentary, creating a dynamic partnership and high success rate with a reach spanning communities, niches, cities and countries.

NordströmMatte’s attention to detail and respect for deadlines attract top-tier media attention on an international level , resulting in the desired public growth of each client. By dedicating time, energy and passion into every project, NordströmMatte caters to the unique vision of each individual client and their associated market.

The success is in the details.

NordströmMatte Public Relations works exclusively with accounts we believe in and are passionate about. We invest in you, and we stand behind your brand.